This marker was located on Main Street, east of Degnon Boulevard, in front of the Islip Middle School.  

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HAWKINS, Ebenezer (Smith line) ~ Ebenezer was born May 26th, 1803 in Brookhaven, NY.   Brookhaven has the largest geographical area of any town in New York State, and the largest population of 10 towns in Suffolk County.   It is the only town that stretches from the north shore to the south shore of Long Island.

Ebenezer's father, Ebenezer, Sr., died when young Ebenezer was just four months old. His mother, Mary Rachel Smith, remarried to Hezekiah Jennings around 1809/1810, and had six additional children.

Ebenezer, Jr. married Hannah Maria Wicks on 7 Nov 1824 when he was 21 and she was a month shy of 15 years old.  He and Hannah had seven children between 1826 and 1843.

Ebenezer owned and operated this paper mill and was known as a wealthy man. He died on August 19th, 1888.

(source: Gaylord-Dutton Family History)