This marker is located in front of 204 Montauk Highway.

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"WEATHERLY 1962" by Russ Kramer
From the artist's website...
Bus Mosbacher helms WEATHERLY in a successful defense of the America's Cup against the first Australian challenger, GRETEL. When asked the most importand factor in determining a winner among closely matched 12-meters, Mosbacher replied 'the crew comes first." This painting was done on commission for a private collection and will appear in the volumes "Art and Artifacts of the America's Cup" by Hyland Granby.
"A Punishing Jibe:
America's Cup 1871" 

by Russ Kramer
From the artist's website...
Not aware they had the option to leave the mark boat to port, 1871 America’s Cup challenger LIVONIA jibes around in a gale and pays dearly for it. Defender COLUMBIA, simply tacking around, gains the advantage. Here LIVONIA’s crew struggle to sheet in her wildly luffing sails as green water breaks over her quarter. LIVONIA’s owner James Ashbury, seen far aft, is livid; his protest will be dismissed by the NYYC.
Click here for Russ Kramer's website...
Click here for Russ Kramer's website...
Columbia c1871
Weatherly's Plaque

(L-R): Former Society President Susan Hantz-West, Former Town Supervisor Phil Nolan, Nancy Porta-Libert, Kay Erwood & Fritzie Collins, Former Councilman Bodkin and Town Historian Robert Finnegan (Source: Islip Bulletin 3-19-2009)